Singleton Property Recovery

Early statistics provided by RP data indicate that Singleton may be starting to recover from the slump in property as a result of restructuring in the mining industry in the Hunter Valley. The median price for house sales appears to be lifting, with properties once again starting to sell, although they are down from their […]

The new Hunter Expressway opening the doors for Upper Hunter Property

The new Hunter Expressway will open on 22 March 2014. The Western end of the Expressway is on the Singleton side of Branxton. It is estimated that it will reduce the travel time between Singleton and at Newcastle by approximately 30 min. It is likely to reduce the travel time between Singleton and Sydney by […]

Old System Land

All land in New South Wales transferred by the Crown on or after 1 January 1863 when the transfer involved the fee simple was transferred under the Torrens system of registration, that is, the land was under the Real Property Act. Land transferred, or ‘conveyed’ before that date was what is referred to as ‘Old […]