First Home Buyer Incentives

It has been reported (Mortgage Professional Australia) that first home buyers currently make up only 12.5% of the owner-occupier market, down 1.1% on the previous quarter. Further data shows that there are fewer first home buyers now than there have been since the Australian Bureau of Statistics started to collect data. The prospect then for […]

Depreciation advice could mean thousands

Investors who own real property containing fixtures and fittings (fittings are removable items such as light shades, whereas fixtures are things which are attached to the building, the removal of which may cause damage, such as air-conditioning units and the like) are able to depreciate those fixtures and fittings over the life of the item. […]

National Rental Affordability Scheme

The National Rental Affordability Scheme is a scheme created by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) as part of a strategy to address housing affordability within Australia. A number of key elements of suitable developments included the relief of rental stress. That is, there was an area that had an undersupply affordable housing. That was […]

Land Law in NSW

Land law in New South Wales was inherited from England in 1828. In England after 1290, all land (with a few exceptions) owned were held direct from the Crown. Accordingly, when English law was incorporated into New South Wales, all land was originally held by the Crown. Out of the English law came the term […]

For Sellers

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Selling a property, an exciting and often daunting time, let us take the stress away from the experience, see how we can help.

For Buyers

purchasing a property

Buying a house, we can help, see what services we can provide.

10 Ways to Green Your Home

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A few short years ago the idea of”green” or environmentally sustainable building practices was foreign to the majority of people. These days the population is more aware than ever about the importance of sustainable building practices and while more than 90% of homes in Australia are now recycling, there are other simple measures we can […]

Pain & Gain: Sydney council regions

If you own property in Sydney and are looking at selling, or buying, the following information provided recently by RPData may help with your decision making process.