A Brief History

A Brief History

Accent Conveyancing is part of the Law Firm Cragg Braye & Thornton. Cragg Braye & Thornton commenced in Singleton over 100 years ago as WJ Cragg and has served the community of Singleton continuously since that time.

Cragg Braye & Thornton has qualified solicitors overseeing all Property Conveyancing matters, and has been involved in dealings including a complex Commercial transaction with a value of $60,000,000.00, Old System Conveyances, Business Conveyances, Commercial and Domestic subdivisions and the less complex domestic transfers.

Recognising that some clients see as unnecessary and expensive service provided by solicitors for the buying and selling of property, to cater for their needs Cragg Braye & Thornton started a lower priced Conveyancing Service. Accent Conveyancing is ideal for the Conveyance of either a vacant block of land which is under the Real Property Act, such as that which is released by Singleton Council, or the Conveyance of a project home where there has been no additions or alterations which may cause issues in relation to Council approval.

Conveyancers may say that they should be used for Conveyancing transactions giving reasons such as “As licensed Conveyancers we offer an attractive alternative to Solicitors for anyone buying or selling property in New South Wales. We are able to offer a more personal and specialised service than most Solicitors as we do not suffer from other distractions, such as being tied up in Court all day.”

The role of Conveyancers was discussed in a claim for negligence that was heard in the New South Wales Supreme Court in the case of Benson v MacLachlan (t/a Sterling Conveyancers), [2001] NSWCA 263. In that case one of the 3 Judges, HANDLEY JA had this to say:

“Licensed Conveyancers are not qualified for admission as legal practitioners and are not entitled to hold themselves out as so qualified. They do not have law degrees and the public know or should know these basic facts. They are capable of doing Conveyancing work which does not require the fuller legal knowledge which solicitors are expected to possess. They can and do provide a basic service at a basic cost. They should not be expected either by their clients, or by the Courts, to provide a champagne service for what amounts to a beer price. ” 

Accent Conveyancing has the backing of legal practitioners, committed to giving you get the right advice at the right time to help you avoid the risks in buying and selling; the team to ensure you get the personalized and specified service and the expertise to guarantee you get the right advice.